Grateful and Ambitious

I hate it, just absolutely despise being told I’m not “grateful” for what I have.

Because I have a job, I should be satisfied, never aspiring to more?

I can be both; grateful and ambitious!

If I didn’t aspire to more, then I’d be lazy.

Even ungrateful to the opportunities presented to me.

Just this year alone, I’ve been passed over for no less than five promotions. I was finally offered a job at another company, only to have it rescinded due to something on a background check. Something I had no idea existed! I was worried about a traffic ticket! What got me was something from more than six years ago. The background check grossly over exaggerated the event! It was such a non event, it never occurred to me to disclose it! I hadn’t even thought about it, probably since then, it was such a non event!

I’m mad as hell! Beyond that, even. Words can’t even describe how I feel.

– J. Ela



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