When I’m Gone

I’ve written about suicide on my blog a time or two. The truth is, I probably struggle with thoughts of killing myself more often than I should. If I died tomorrow – I wonder, what would people say about me? Could my family even conjure up enough friends to carry my coffin?  Would people miss me when […]

Make every day special!

Recently I was talking to K-, my 15-yr-old about “saving”things for a special occasion. It came about as I was unpacking a box full of wonderful scented lotions, soaps, and other expensive bath items. She wanted to know why I hadn’t used them. Having really no good answer, I thought about this story. I remembered […]


If you’re going to be an instrument, be a Stradivarius. It is much more fun to play a Steinway Grand piano than a Yamaha keyboard. What I’m saying is, be the best, the finest! Be the most intelligent person in the room. So that even when you find you’ve been played… you’ll have your wits […]

A Year In The Life

In full disclosure, as I set out to write this, I felt, this is a blog entry that may best be suited for a composition notebook tucked neatly away in a drawer. But since I have yet to unpack any notebooks and I am a far faster typist than a writer, here I go. 525,600 […]

Identity Crisis

Somewhere in between feeling sorry for myself, popping pills and consuming too much alcohol, I found time to run-off at the mouth. Okay, so that in-and-of-itself isn’t that unusual. It’s what I blabbed about, that is. I’m a pretty good secret-keeper. Especially when it’s my own secret. I’ve managed to keep “Ela” quiet for nearly […]

Best Friend

Best Friend. It’s not a role to be taken lightly. Wednesday will mark the fourth anniversary of the death of my best friend, Jo. She was my dearest and closest friend for almost 20 years. She died suddenly on Friday, March 13, 2009 at the age of 38. We had not seen each other in […]


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