When I’m Gone

I’ve written about suicide on my blog a time or two. The truth is, I probably struggle with thoughts of killing myself more often than I should. If I died tomorrow – I wonder, what would people say about me? Could my family even conjure up enough friends to carry my coffin?  Would people miss me when […]

Solve For Why? Not X

Irony… on the very day I send my daughter’s high school math teacher a blistering email about the uselessness of Algebra… I end up doing my taxes. And as stated in my email… I managed just fine with the basics: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Never, outside of a classroom setting have I had any […]

The Lie We Tell Ourselves

“I’m Okay” or “I’m doing the best that I can.” These are just some of the lies we tell ourselves and whoever else will listen. I can’t sleep tonight. My brain is in overdrive. More so than usual. I have a lot on my mind and I don’t know which should be my number one […]

Bliss to Bust

In the midst of my own happiness I have failed to see the suffering of others. I have fought so long and so hard to get here that in my state of unimaginable bliss, I was then blind to the utter unhappiness of someone I love. Drunk. Intoxicated by peace. I overlooked something, someone, even […]

Counseling Countdown

By this time tomorrow K- will have had her first session with the counselor. I don’t know who is dreading it more, me or her. She is resigned to going, but has said she doesn’t “need” to go. To which I responded, “but you needed to cut yourself?” K- says, “how about I just don’t […]

not MY daughter!

You know those things that only happen in the movies? Or to “other” people’s kids? It turns out, I’m “other” people. Two days ago I found out that my beautiful teenage daughter has been “cutting” herself! I’m beside myself in grief! Thinking that my K-, who always seemed so “together” was NOT! Her best friend outed […]


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